Interesting Print Solutions

Multifunction copiers are becoming increasingly popular as people want multitalented machinery that takes up less space but can do more.  Multifunction copiers have a wide appeal from academia to business to personal use, and there are many different methods that can be used to speed up the time it takes to create something, to the time it takes to print, and beyond.


If space is limited, wireless multifunction copiers are available.  This means that the multifunction copier can be placed anywhere within the same wireless network without the need for wires cluttering the room, or squeezing everything together into a small space.  If the wireless network is powerful enough, the multifunction copier does not even need to be in the same room as the computer(s) that it is connected to!




Networks can be set up between printers which allow you to send work to any printer within a particular area.  This means that if there are several printers in the area and several people needing to use them, waiting times will be shortened, allowing more work to be done.  Any visitors can also connect to the device with ease.


Cloud servers, meanwhile, offer a similar function on a grander scale.  Once work has been uploaded to the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.  This allows work to be accessed and printed from anywhere in the world, saving on postage and printing costs.  Alternatively, you can send documents remotely to a printer that is wifi and cloud connected via devices including phones, tablets and computers.  This could be seen as a twenty first century version of faxing: the document is uploaded to the cloud and sent remotely to the printer at someone’s home when they are ill, or at a different office within the company, then it prints the document and it is instantly accessible.  Many multifunction printers now contain this software.


When working on several pieces at once, or needing to print several pieces in a short amount of time, nobody wants to get up every couple of minutes to walk to the printer.  NIACS allows you to send multiple pieces to the printer, and have it wait until you scan a card or scan your fingerprint before it prints.  Using this system means that if something is sent to print accidentally, or changes are made after it has been sent to print, the document can be deleted from the queue before it is printed.  The system also prevents other people from walking off with your work, which can pose security problems.  Overall, the system can save on large amounts of waste.


Many multifunction copiers allow pieces to be instantly copied into the machine and printed off, whilst simultaneously uploaded on to a computer.  This means that both digital and corporeal versions of the work exist, allowing it to be accessed and used anywhere.


There is a menagerie of solutions to make using multifunction copiers easier and more convenient.  Many of these are simple solutions that can make a huge difference on output, the time it takes to complete tasks, and the working environment.
The more interesting solutions you find, the more fun using multifunction copiers can be.  With technology constantly changing, so, too, are these solutions: there’s always something new to learn.