The Benefits of Papercut for Lawyers and Other Business

No other business uses paper and copying as much as the legal profession. Lawyers have to keep files, print out legal documents and have a fully functioning, reactive print process in place if they are to stay on top of things. They’re not the only ones who need a responsive system, of course, there are accountants, insurance executives and architects who all need a great print service.

What is Papercut?

There’s no point in having a multi-function printer nowadays without software that helps you manage your output. Papercut is state of the art printer management software that delivers for a wide range of businesses including those operating in the legal professions. It’s used by over 50,000 business all over the world and delivers a responsive platform that can improve productivity and performance in next to no time. Papercut works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed-fleet environments, allowing printer mangers to control access, retain security, manage workloads and keep costs down using a central interface that is easy to understand.

How Can Papercut Help Lawyers?

  • With issues of confidentiality, legal firms need to be certain that the processes they have in place can be closely tracked. Papercut allows teams of lawyers to track and control printing behaviour in the office and maintain a high degree of security.
  • With state of the art security software, scanning and printing is safer, a strong consideration for devices where there is a wi-fi connection and the inbuilt ability to print directly to smart devices.
  • The whole of the printing process for your legal firm can be managed from one, central interface giving you total control.
  • As with any other business, legal firms also need to make sure they reduce their carbon footprints. Papercut can help reduce paper waste and allows offices to implement energy saving and cost saving measures that make a big difference not only to the environmental impact of operations but by also reducing outlay in the form of consumables and paper.
  • Papercut allows users to produce simple and easy to understand reports that help develop more streamlined printing and paper management procedures.
  • Simple changes can be made by allowing trusted members of staff to print to devices such as smartphones and tablets rather than producing huge swathes of documentation. That can be useful in cutting down operational costs but can also be used for a variety of non-legal activities such as staff training.
  • Papercut works with a wide range of MFPs including those from Canon, Ricoh and Sharp which means that you don’t have to worry whether you have a compatible print system in place.

There are many advantages for legal firms in using a print management system such as Papercut. It is fast becoming one of the industry standards, is easy to install and use, and comes at a competitive running cost that most businesses will find beneficial. Delivering high functionality with strong security is key to many in the legal profession and Papercut certainly hits the mark in both these respects. If you want greater control and the right level of security, it’s the software package for all your printing needs.