What is a Multi-Function Printer?

It is perhaps the most iconic machine in many offices and has been the source of frustration for employees over the years. But the humble multi-function printer has developed considerably over the last decade or so and is still one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment you can have if you run a business.

Better technology, greener running and more options means there’s plenty you can do with modern MFPs. These machines can perform a number of tasks including printing, scanning, faxing and storing of documents. Most modern MFPs are now Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to smart devices which allow you to print remotely, enabling your business to handle large volumes of printing and delivering specialist jobs at high quality.

The Benefits of Modern MFPs

A lot has changed in the world of multi-function printers. Major manufacturers and developers such as Sharp, Xerox and Konica have put a lot of effort into new printers that perform better, can be more easily maintained and which reduce costs while also being kinder to the environment. If you are a business or organisation that wants to cut outgoings and meet their carbon reduction obligations, then taking a look at the new, state of the art MFPs on the market is a good idea.

  • More compact designs that take up less room in the office.

  • Lower energy costs with responsive sleep modes that ensure you reduce your electricity bills.

  • More efficient printing that reduces the amount of jams and miss-feeds that are normally associated with MFPs.

  • Responsive print management software that means you can keep track of print jobs and resources either on site or remotely.

  • User friendly control panels that are easy to operate and provide clear instructions.

  • A range of different MFPs with varying capacity and operating speeds which means you can have a tailored solution to your needs.

  • The ability to scan and store or send documents to digital devices rather than printing out.

What most of our clients love about the latest line of MFPs from companies such as Sharp, Ricoh and Kyocera is their ability to deliver flexibility as well as great cost savings. Print management obviously lies at the heart of effective office procedures. With the latest software such as Papercut, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of print jobs, reduce paper and toner usage, put in place cost saving maintenance and generally manage print provision in organisations both large and small.

Choosing the Right MFP for Your Business

Whether you need just one multi-functional printer for a small to medium size office or require a number for a larger corporation, public building or school or college, picking the right technology for your needs is important. Much will depend, of course, on the volume of printing that you produce. But you also need to look at how you can best utilise all the great features modern MFPs have, from remote operation to using power saving modes and storing documents. To do this, it’s always best to undertake a print audit which looks closely at how you currently operate and the ways in which a new or updated MFP can help improve productivity in the office.