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What Ever Happened to the Paperless Office?

A few years back it was dream of a many office administrators and managers to create the paperless office – one where everything was handled digitally and we wouldn’t need to print a thing, ever again. Start-ups and businesses began sprouting up everywhere, promising organisations from schools and colleges to SMEs and big corporations that they could guarantee a paperless office for the future. The truth is we are still using a large amount of paper in our daily office

Kyocera’s Tips on Printing Sustainably

You may think that the economic downturn following the 2008 financial crisis might have turned businesses off being more green and cutting their carbon footprint. Recent research from Kyocera though shows that it has little or no effect and that many companies are using sustainability as a way of lowering costs and improving efficiency. In the end, if your multi-function printer is running on less energy then you are saving money on your electricity bill, and that has to be

How Photocopier Companies Have Bought Into Sustainability

It’s big for business. Most of them now have a ‘sustainable vision’. When the whole ‘we have to be green’ thing began it was hard to get many large corporations to take it seriously. Now shouting about your green credentials has become something of a badge of honour for many since they realised it pays to be green. Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera and HP, they all have a green agenda and that multi function printer in the corner of your

How Xerox Waterless Inkjet Technology Can Make You More Environmentally Friendly, and Save You Money as Mail Prices Rise

Xerox has been innovating for over 75 years and they take it so seriously, they have an Innovation President and a whole business directed at helping customers get more efficient. As they watched postage prices rise, and saw the environmental impacts of the use of paper become ever heavier, they decided to investigate how to solve these problems all in one go. They came up with a great solution, and the model in the UK is the great Xerox CiPress™

7 Great Facts about Sustainable Printing

Today many company owners consider the environmental impact of their business operations high on their agenda. Environmental factors influence the decisions they make on a daily basis. As the awareness of sustainability has increased, so have the myths and misconceptions surrounding the print and papery industries. For example, many people blame printing for mass deforestation, when this simply isn’t true.   Providing you print in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, it can actually benefit the environment. Here we will take a


Sustainability in the print industry is important, but the print industry does not have a reputation for this due to its high usage of paper, electricity and petroleum.  However, this is changing.  To keep up with the desire for digitalisation, the print industry is finding more interesting and more eco-friendly ways to operate.   Using a multifunction printer, or MFP, is an instant way of saving time, space and money.  MFPs allow users to print, copy/scan and, in some cases,