How Xerox Waterless Inkjet Technology Can Make You More Environmentally Friendly, and Save You Money as Mail Prices Rise

Xerox has been innovating for over 75 years and they take it so seriously, they have an Innovation President and a whole business directed at helping customers get more efficient.

As they watched postage prices rise, and saw the environmental impacts of the use of paper become ever heavier, they decided to investigate how to solve these problems all in one go.

They came up with a great solution, and the model in the UK is the great Xerox CiPress™ 325 / CiPress™ 500 Production Inkjet System

Using their patented waterless ink system, the printer requires no specialised or treated paper, no bonding agents or non-standard heads, and best of all, the ink is easy to handle and replace.

When they looked at the environmental impacts, they were obviously thinking well, as the printer means less paper wastage (none of the printed pages cockle or curl), and the paper doesn’t need expensive (or wasteful) drying systems to make sure the ink doesn’t run. The maintenance of the print heads is automated, meaning you save time (and money). Even better, the printer checks for printer head problems, and either alerts the operator so they can be quickly repaired or replaced, or attempts to repair the issue itself.

And what does all of this innovation and use of technology mean for your business? For a start, it means you can use lower GSM paper (down to 67), which is not only better for the environment, it is also much lighter so is far cheaper to post. The paper doesn’t need treating, and will print the same vibrant colours that you would expect to see, so your customers or readers would never know the difference. Even better, you can set Ink Optimisation Modes, meaning that you can select just the right amount of ink and quality for the different jobs you would do.

The machine really is a step forward in innovation, will build your environmental credentials as well as saving you money.

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