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What UK Schools can Learn from Shelbyville

It might seem a long way away, but Shelbyville in the United States could well provide the template for many UK schools that want to find ways of reducing costs and leaving more in the budget for teaching and learning resources. Whilst the technology already exists for many schools and other educational establishments to not only reduce their running costs but also significantly cut their environmental impact, many are still not implementing the strategies that make a difference. In Shelbyville the school got together

The Printer Problems That Get You Hot Under the Collar

You may have staff that are both sensitive and hard-working but none of them compare to your photocopier. It works tirelessly but it’s high tech machinery that can often have you tearing your hair out when there’s a jam or error message. Even the best multi-function printers encounter problems every now and again. Maintaining your printer There are a number of ways to keep your printer in tip top condition. First of all, use it often. With machines like ink

If you Haven’t Signed up for a Managed Service, This is How to Give Your Multi Function Printer the Right Care and Attention

It can be the most valuable piece of equipment in your office, especially if you have invested in a hi-tech, all singing and dancing MFP. If you have a large number of people using it then the chances are you will need to have a strategy of loving care to make sure all that wear and tear doesn’t lead to problems with your multi function printer. Most modern day multi function photocopiers are quite robust nowadays. The days of repeated

How Photocopier Companies Have Bought Into Sustainability

It’s big for business. Most of them now have a ‘sustainable vision’. When the whole ‘we have to be green’ thing began it was hard to get many large corporations to take it seriously. Now shouting about your green credentials has become something of a badge of honour for many since they realised it pays to be green. Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera and HP, they all have a green agenda and that multi function printer in the corner of your

Multi Function Printers That Are Innovating in the Cloud

Earlier this year Sharp unleashed its cloud ready for new MFPs. With wireless LAN connections as standard, the MX-M565N, MX-M465N and MX-M365N have taken productivity to the next level. There is no doubt that ‘The Cloud’ is big for businesses at the moment, allowing people to store, share and use data and files away from their desktop computers. Bringing this functionality to the humble photocopier means that a single touch on the Sharp LCD panel can print any document that

RICOH Announce Launch of a New Multi-Function Printer for Small to Medium Workgroups

Ricoh have unveiled two brand new Multi-Function Printers made especially for the small and medium work-group marketplace. They utilise all of the capabilities of the Ricoh MFP platform, and are designed for mobile businesses, or those will smaller available office space.   The machines can capture, manage and transform information which allows employees access to information from anywhere, at any time and is in response to the need for business to be able to collect and access data more quickly (you

How Xerox Waterless Inkjet Technology Can Make You More Environmentally Friendly, and Save You Money as Mail Prices Rise

Xerox has been innovating for over 75 years and they take it so seriously, they have an Innovation President and a whole business directed at helping customers get more efficient. As they watched postage prices rise, and saw the environmental impacts of the use of paper become ever heavier, they decided to investigate how to solve these problems all in one go. They came up with a great solution, and the model in the UK is the great Xerox CiPress™

HP launches the new Indigo Digital Press with a simple goal of offering simplified colour management

On the 11th June, HP expanded their Digital Press products with a brand new Indigo product that offers customers increased productivity, simplified colour management and new capabilities for high-value applications. You can find out more about this here,-Simplifies-Color-Management-with-New-HP-Indigo-Digital-Presses-#.U6A2IPk2wcB

HP announces the disruption of the production print market with a new technology for large format printers

On the 10th June, HP shared that they are scaling it’s inkject-based PageWide technology which offers large format printing and delivers high quality prints at faster speeds and lower costs. You can find out more by reading their press release here:

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