If you Haven’t Signed up for a Managed Service, This is How to Give Your Multi Function Printer the Right Care and Attention

It can be the most valuable piece of equipment in your office, especially if you have invested in a hi-tech, all singing and dancing MFP. If you have a large number of people using it then the chances are you will need to have a strategy of loving care to make sure all that wear and tear doesn’t lead to problems with your multi function printer.

Most modern day multi function photocopiers are quite robust nowadays. The days of repeated jams are largely a thing of the past (and no, that doesn’t mean copiers never jam) but taking the right care with your machine can ensure that there aren’t problems when you need it most.

Use a decent quality paper

Poor quality paper can leave debris and dust inside the printer, so opt for something a little higher grade. That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from recycled paper if you want to be more green. Many recycled copier papers are of quite a high quality nowadays.

Top Tip: Don’t put in dirty or damp paper that can stain the inner workings of the photocopier and cause jams.

Keep the copier glass clean

Doing this regularly with a soft cloth and an appropriate cleaner recommended by the manufacturer or your copier sales team will ensure your copies remain clear and good for business. Whilst it is a chore, it is a good idea to remove things like staples and paper clips from documents that can cause scratches on the glass.

Keep the copier generally clean and free of dust, particularly the doors. Use a duster spray to remove dirt from crevices.

Don’t yank at the jam

If your copier does jam then clear it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If paper is stuck then don’t try to yank it out or use an implement to get it loose. If you have difficulty removing paper from a jam then call your technician or copier sales team who will have a better idea how to do it safely.

Check the toner levels

Particularly in a busy office toner levels can get low quickly. Checking them regularly will ensure that you don’t get documents that are streaked and unevenly printed when it gets low. Keeping a sufficient supply of replacement toner will ensure that your printing needs are not interrupted.

Have a regular maintenance schedule

Letting your MFP go on and on without any form of preventative maintenance may seem like the cheaper option but it can cause greater expense if your copier breaks down. Regular maintenance ensures that faults are spotted and rectified and keeps the inner workings of your machine in tip top condition.

Do you need to upgrade?

There comes a time when every machine has outlived its usefulness. Taking time to choose the right replacement will save future heart ache.  The latest range of multi function printers are more eco-friendly and less energy dependent than their predecessors. They produce higher quality images and most are also cloud integrated which can improve the way you do your printing.

Taking care and making sure you look after your photocopier, especially if it is in a busy office environment, will ensure that it lasts longer and breaks down less easily.