The Benefits of Papercut for Lawyers and Other Business

No other business uses paper and copying as much as the legal profession. Lawyers have to keep files, print out legal documents and have a fully functioning, reactive print process in place if they are to stay on top of things. They’re not the only ones who need a responsive system, of course, there are accountants, insurance executives and architects who all need a great print service. What is Papercut? There’s no point in having a multi-function printer nowadays without

Education in Flux With Funding but They Still Need Hi-Tech Solutions

Before the major upheavals that resulted from the EU Referendum in June, Education Minister Nicky Morgan was pushing a white paper that was essentially starting a rush to change schools across the UK into academies and revolutionise the way they are funded. A few short weeks later and Morgan is no longer in post, replaced by the first state school educated minister Justine Greening and things are in flux once again. Things might be about to change but primary and

The Latest Developments in 3D Printing

2016 has certainly been a year when 3D printing began to surge forward. Researchers and manufacturers across the world are trying out new and ingenious ways to incorporate the technology, driving forward innovations that could see printers in all our homes in a short time, doing everything from building products to producing our nightly snacks. Here are just some of the recent developments across the world: Reducing Costs for Renewables We’re getting used to 3D printing being used for manufacturing

Post Brexit: What Now for the UK?

It has been perhaps the most seismic political shift the UK has experienced in recent years. At the end of June, after a rather controversial and disappointing set of campaigns, the British public voted to leave the EU. The shock waves were felt immediately. David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister within a few short hours, the recriminations began, the pound plunged and for a moment everyone thought we were all heading for political and societal Armageddon. Just over a month

New Product Launch: The Ricoh A3 Colour Printer Range

The new range of A3 multi-function colour printers from Ricoh come with all the value added extras you would expect from a company at the forefront of hi-tech, including their intuitive Smart Operation Panel (SOP). The A3 capability stretches across 9 models and all are designed to improve business operations, delivering greater flexibility for companies of all sizes. If you want to print on A3 when you want, then the Ricoh range certainly delivers. And if you are looking for

What is a Multi-Function Printer?

It is perhaps the most iconic machine in many offices and has been the source of frustration for employees over the years. But the humble multi-function printer has developed considerably over the last decade or so and is still one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment you can have if you run a business. Better technology, greener running and more options means there’s plenty you can do with modern MFPs. These machines can perform a number of tasks including

The NHS Trusts Buying 3D Printers

The next couple of years are set to see dramatic improvements in 3D printing. A technology that has sat on the back burner for a while is now beginning to be used in more diverse situations. Not only are manufacturers finding ways to incorporate 3D printing into their factory operations, organisations such as the NHS are make big steps forward too. Converting Scans into 3D Models One of the key areas where 3D printing is being used in the NHS

Can an MFP Save You Money for your Accounts Department?

There are many ways in which modern technology is helping us to work a lot smarter and also save money. Most businesses are eager to find far more productive processes and are happy to consider new ways of doing things if they cut down those all-important operating costs. Whether that’s more technology or better office structures, considered changes to operational procedures can bring strong dividends. The latest MFPs on the market are far more flexible than they used to be

How Did We Vote? The EU Referendum

It’s been a long weekend and some of you may be nursing a sore head or two. We decided to take the huge decision to leave the EU, creating a period of uncertainty, and then we crashed out to humble Iceland in the football. Not only do we not have no real Prime Minister, nor an effective opposition, but we’re also looking for a new national football manager. If you’re feeling a little confused this week and are not sure

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