How Did We Vote? The EU Referendum

It’s been a long weekend and some of you may be nursing a sore head or two. We decided to take the huge decision to leave the EU, creating a period of uncertainty, and then we crashed out to humble Iceland in the football. Not only do we not have no real Prime Minister, nor an effective opposition, but we’re also looking for a new national football manager. If you’re feeling a little confused this week and are not sure where things are going, we’d like to assure you that it’s still business as usual.

Throughout the last couple of months of the referendum campaign, businesses, including ourselves at Integrating Solutions, have been getting on with what we do best. That’s providing top quality services to our clients and making sure we invest in our operations to be a leader in our industry. The world of MFPs might seem small potatoes in the big scheme of things, especially when we approach a period of uncertainty like this, but we are symptomatic of many businesses across the UK.

We remain optimistic because we take great pride in the services and opportunities we offer to both our clients and those who work so hard for us. In the end, the success of businesses across the UK, large and small, depends on many factors. The market will no doubt settle down and investment will continue. Schools, colleges, businesses, public bodies and organisations come to us because we provide a platform for them to reduce their costs, get access to great new technology and perform more productively. And they continue to do so.

We work with a wide range of businesses across the UK and, while some were shocked at the result, most are resilient and still looking forward eagerly to the future. It’s not all doom and gloom. Indeed, many SMEs feel that they are going to benefit from a new relationship with Europe. If you have been thinking about undertaking an audit of your office copying needs recently, it’s still a good idea to go ahead.

The reason for this is that a closer look at how you undertake printing in your business can help save money. An audit essentially looks at the way your office performs and how new, state of the art MFPs can help with this. With the ability to scan documents straight to digital devices and greater control over print management using intelligent software such as Papercut, and better management of consumables such as toner and paper, businesses can put in place hardware and solutions that lead to great savings.

It may seem that we are heading into undiscovered country and things are set to be uncertain for a while. The UK economy is pretty robust, however, more so than many of our European counterparts, which means we have plenty to be optimistic about. Yes, there may be some challenging times and some difficult decisions to make in the coming months but we should all remain positive and work together for a better future.