New Product Launch: The Ricoh A3 Colour Printer Range

The new range of A3 multi-function colour printers from Ricoh come with all the value added extras you would expect from a company at the forefront of hi-tech, including their intuitive Smart Operation Panel (SOP). The A3 capability stretches across 9 models and all are designed to improve business operations, delivering greater flexibility for companies of all sizes. If you want to print on A3 when you want, then the Ricoh range certainly delivers.

And if you are looking for strong output and a multifunction environment, this is the perfect range of colour printers, capable of improving productivity across the board.

Second Generation Smart Operation Panel

The SOP with its tablet-style interface is now standard across the whole range of A3 printers from Ricoh. The graphical user interface offers a rich vein of functionality and great processing power and features their useful 1,000 sheet hybrid finisher that delivers either conventional or stapleless stapling as needed. Great for a range of offices from law firms and architects to school admin offices and universities, the A3 range certainly packs a powerful punch.

The Intel Processing Power is 33Ghz for 30 and 35ppm and 1.75Ghz for 45,55 and 60ppm, giving more than enough clout to satisfy even the busiest office. Single Pass Duplex Feeders (SPDF) are also available across the range with print speeds of up 60 ppm depending on the model.

The A3 range delivers all you would expect including print, copy, and scan with fax as an option. The hard drive comes in 250 GB to 320 GB with 9 x DOSS as standard and HTML5 web browser built into the SOP. With Wi-Fi access also built-in as standard and support for printing from Android and iOS smart devices, there is plenty to satisfy businesses both small and large.

The A3 capable models from Ricoh are:

  • MP C3004SP – with latest Smart Operation Panel (SOP)
  • MP C3004ASP – with SOP and Single Pass Duplex Feeder (SPDF)
  • MP C3504SP – with SOP
  • MP C3504ASP – with SOP and SPDF
  • MP C4504SP – with SOP
  • MP C4504ASP – with SOP and SPDF
  • MP C5504SP – with SOP
  • MP C5504ASP – with SOP and SPDF
  • MP C6004SP – with SOP and SPDF

Driving forward innovation in printer technology has been key to Ricoh’s success in recent years. Customers have long been looking for MFPs with substantial A3 capability that deliver the same colour print quality, speed and functionality that we expect from standard A4 printers. If this is what your business needs, the Ricoh A3 range delivers in spades.