The Printer Problems That Get You Hot Under the Collar

You may have staff that are both sensitive and hard-working but none of them compare to your photocopier. It works tirelessly but it’s high tech machinery that can often have you tearing your hair out when there’s a jam or error message. Even the best multi-function printers encounter problems every now and again.

Maintaining your printer

There are a number of ways to keep your printer in tip top condition. First of all, use it often. With machines like ink printers, regular use stops the ink from drying out and causing problems with clogging the nozzles. Secondly, take the time to clean the print head with some warm water every so often. Use compressed air to clean away dust and remember to turn the machine off when it’s not in use – don’t leave it on overnight or over the weekend.

Poor print quality

If you’ve spent a fair amount of money on a multi-function printer then the last thing you expect is poor printing quality. If this is the case then:

  • Check the MFP hasn’t been put of ‘draft’ output.
  • Have a look at your toner and check if it needs replacing.
  • If you have an ink jet then give the nozzles a clean or use the printer options self-clean facility.
  • If you’re not sure what you are doing then call the service provider.

The dreaded misfeed

Anyone who has ever worked in an office will have encountered a misfeed now and again. Things to check are:

  • Are you using the right paper, is it damp or of poor quality?
  • Are you suffering from weak springs? These push the paper up in the feed tray and can become        damaged over time.
  • Is your rubber feed roller in need of replacement?

If you have difficult removing a misfeed, under no account try to force it or use a sharp implement to get those stray bits of torn paper out. Instead, call the technician who will have the expertise to do the job properly.

Have you got lines?

Lines can be caused by a variety of things, dirt on the glass of the multi-function printer or an old cartridge that needs replacing. The way to avoid them is to make sure you keep your MFP clean and ensure the cartridge system is properly maintained.

No remote printing?

Many MFPs nowadays allow you to print remotely using a Wi-Fi connection. There’s nothing more frustrating than if you are trying to send a document from your smartphone and nothing seems to be happening.

  • Check the Wi-Fi connection and your MFPs Ethernet cable.
  • Check the app you are using to print is installed properly.
  • If your printing takes a while, then check that your router is fast enough and that you have the latest firmware installed.

Undertaking maintenance and having your MFP regularly serviced all contribute to keeping your precious printer working to your expectations. There’s no doubt that if you neglect to look after your multi-function printer properly, at some point it is going to break down and spoil your day.