Drivve: Attracting Businesses Who Want Better Print Management

With greater connectivity, businesses across the world are beginning to change the way they interact with IT. While the past saw us using rigid desktops and local servers that restricted how we could operate, access to the cloud has enabled us to call up our operating platforms and access tools wherever and whenever we want. Not only has this changed the way we work, it has also made us actively seek out the right solutions for our needs.

We expect to be able to communicate more effectively in today’s world.

Drivve is attracting attention across many industries and organisations, particularly for those who want a single sign-on platform for interacting with their MFP. You can now do this through Google Apps. Installing Drivve, users can capture, store, find, share, print, fax and manage their workload all from one platform, accessing everything they need anywhere in the world.

It works for the following Google products:

  • Google for Education
  • Google for Work
  • Google for Nonprofits

There are a number of benefits to organisations in using Drivve, giving users secure access to connected MFPs through their Google apps.

  • Users get a superior user and print management provision which can be used with Google Apps or through a local Active Directory server.
  • You can provide HID card registration using personal myCod and AD password to ensure security.
  • Users don’t have to rush back to their desk to carry out a task and can print directly from the cloud print service from any device. That means they can access a MFP even if they are sitting in a client’s office halfway across the world.
  • You don’t have to put in your password every time you want to perform a task.
  • You can track all actions to a user’s Google account and you get access to full reporting and account costing.
  • If you want easy scanning, then Drivve provides that too with no extra time taken up at your MFP.
  • It allows you to browse files and folders at the MFP touch panel and save in standard formats.
  • It allows you to scan different file types including pdfs and docs.
  • For multiple users, workflow scanning is in place and scanned documents can be sent as attachments to Google gmail accounts.
  • Any user with access can take a look at their Google Drive folders and print out files from any MFP that is connected to Drivve.

All in all, Drivve enables businesses to enjoy greater flexibility and better control when using their MFPs. You get a feature rich range of tools that can be customised to your business needs, allowing you to capture documents from any smart device, anywhere in the world. It also gives you ample opportunity to track usage and get full reporting and cost-accounting.