Ricoh – Smart Operation Panel


Intuitive, stylish, touch button control: You get a host of usability and functionality with the new Smart Operation Panel that has been launched alongside the latest MFPs from Ricoh. Incorporating a modification of the OS from Google Android, the panel gives users the choice of customising the interface, something that many businesses expect as a matter of course nowadays with any digital device.


As with all our phones and tablets, the new Ricoh interface is touch sensitive and highly responsive. All you need to do is stand at the photocopier and tap or swipe your way through the panel options. You can even choose the background design, including your own corporate image to give a sense of ownership to the device.


The plan is that the Smart Operation Panel will communicate seamlessly with the online world in the near future which means that your printer will be able to work with a range of apps including ones such as Dropbox, Office 365 and OneDrive to name but a few. It can do this because of the underlying Android operating system that will allow better integration across platforms.


Incorporated into any office, the new MFPs with their touch panels will offer greater ease of use as well as a higher degree of connectivity. Office managers will in future be able to update their systems and hopefully add different icons onto the panel from which staff will be able to access documents and other functions that would previously have been unavailable.


Users can drag and drop icons, check the levels of toner, flick through options as easily as on an iPhone and even browse the internet from the MFP 10.1 inch full colour panel display. The Smart Operation Panel has been incorporated into 17 of Ricoh’s multi-function printers so far, with more to follow as Ricoh roll out their product line over the next couple of years.


The models include the MP 4054AZSP, MP 5054AZSP, and MP 6054ZSP all of which come with colour scanning for documents and fast feeder speeds, as well as the energy saving technology that helps businesses and organisations to cut down on their electricity bills. Ricoh have been working hard on making their new set of MFPs more energy efficient with up to 40% savings on previous models creating some of the best print technology now available on the market.


Combine this with the intuitive Smart Operation Panel and you have a collection of MFPs that can make a real difference to any business:

  • Cutting down costs through greater efficiencies.
  • Fast print and scanning speeds.
  • Touch screen technology for faster processing.
  • Android operating system that can evolve with your business.
  • Greater choice for users who want a more personalised MFP provision.

Choosing the right options for a MFP in your office is always difficult which is why it is a great idea to undergo a full audit to see where savings can be made and how small changes to print technology can make big differences to productivity and output. There’s no doubt that the Ricoh Smart Operation Panel gives users the scope and flexibility they are looking for in today’s competitive business world.

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