What’s New in Papercut 16.0?

Papercut is the simple to use and highly affordable platform that many businesses across the world use to manage their print software and has been an industry leader for the past decade or so. If you run a modern MFP then linking it to Papercut, either online or through purchasing outright, is the perfect office print solution.

The latest update for Papercut came out in March and has some new tweaks and innovations that should make it even easier for those operating print managed systems. As usual with the Papercut management software, improving usability is key and there are a number of fixes that have overcome problems present in version 15.0. While there are no major changes that will literally transform the way Papercut works, print managers can expect the same ease of installation and usability they have come to expect.

  • Notification messages for things like low toner and any print errors are enhanced, including showing the IP address and the model. You can also opt to receive notifications as issues occur or in batches to make life easier. That’s particularly useful for businesses who run a large number of machines and need to focus at certain times of the day.
  • Mobile Release has changed slightly. You used to have to sign in with your username but can now use your email.
  • Papercut also now has added reporting version numbers to the OS which is useful for those users operating SCCM to manage their software updates.
  • Other additions include being able to disable a shared account using server commands, use an email address as a Window’s Active Directory attribute and have a customer reference number on the About page.

There are numerous fixes in the newest version of Papercut for online users. These are generally problems that became apparent in the previous version and include:

  • Not deleting unused user groups after scheduled maintenance.
  • Resolving the bad confirmation message that used to appear if you carried out a disable GCP option.
  • Issues with Google Cloud Print where parts of a page didn’t print.
  • Minor issues with site server synchronisation, updates to user groups and Chrome browsers which were causing problems with unwanted data.

The changes to Papercut in version 16 have been relatively minor but should iron out a number of minor difficulties that users have faced. It continues to be the operating system of choice for print mangers across the globe and the company boasts 50K users worldwide.

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