What’s New with Papercut 15.2

Papercut has been one of the most important additions to the office environment for many businesses in the last few years, although most staff members probably don’t even know that it exists. This easy to use software is actually found in over 50,000 businesses and organisations across the globe and has helped many of them significantly cut costs and operate more efficiently when it comes to their printing and paper management processes.

The great thing about Papercut is that it works on any platform and can make significant reductions in paper usage giving managers more control than other systems as well as the ability to monitor user behaviour. If you have been using Papercut for a while then you will be happy to learn that there is a new update available.

Whilst much of the updating has centred on making the software seamlessly compatible with upcoming new operating systems such as Windows 10, there are also some important fixes that iron out small problems in the previous version.

Operating Platforms

You can’t have watched TV or switched on your television recently to realise that Microsoft have been pushing the Windows 10 update pretty hard. It’s free to download and reviews have so far been pretty positive so many business are opting to switch.

For those of you who have already loaded it onto your computers, Papercut 15.2 will integrate seamlessly with the platform, the app appearing in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop. Windows 10 has the brand new Edge Browser that is perfect for running your admin dashboard. For those who many have been worried that Windows 10 would conflict, then the new update will mind at rest.

If you have an operating system such as a Mac then you’ll no doubt be waiting for their own update this autumn. Rest assured that Papercut 15.2 will also be able to cope with the new version and you can happily update as and when you like. The same goes for Linux – the new Papercut works just as seamlessly.

New Functions

Site Server: This is now included as a matter of course for this edition of Papercut and keeps your printing resources continuously available even if there are problems with your server. That means you get great reliability when you most needed it and you don’t have to worry about unreliable networks or server down time that wasn’t planned.

Better Ways to Filter: There are useful ways to organise on Papercut and 15.2 includes drop down filters for groups that makes the whole process much simpler.

Fixes and Enhancements

As with any update to software, there are a number of important fixes included that iron out little glitches on the operating system. These include minor changes to page analysis and print groups as well as widening access to payment gateways. Improvements to the previous version include customizable text related to login details and enhancement to the security software that takes into account the latest malware scripts. For all the major fixes, visit the Papercut website here.

For more information on how PaperCut can work for you, call us on 0208 911 3780 and we can provide you with smart, simple solutions for your company.