Xerox – Assessing Output and Advancing the World of Printing Technology



A struggle facing many business owners for some time has been the difficulty in measuring their print output. How can we find the best deal if we aren’t sure what it is we are using? Particularly for those using a large number of printers this can, if not pursued, lead to costly use of uneconomical products and a lot of wastage.

As per usual, Xerox is spearheading a revolutionary initiative – their Managed Print Service Assessment. They are now able to plug directly in to your print system to assess what you are using and how you can cut spending and boost efficiency.

Before the introduction of this seminal service, most organisations had absolutely no way of measuring the cost of their printing. If we can’t measure what we are using, how do we control and, more importantly, improve it?

Xerox is now able to look in to your print environment and accurately assess its current output by securely accessing the status of your devices with industry leading assessment tools. This powerful and previously unattainable insight can help to evaluate what we spend on printing, and optimise those costs.

After the initial assessment, access to a definitive dashboard is granted which can accurately compare the prices of your various options – if you’re printing certain types of documents and ordering toner from across the board, you could be wasting money on unnecessary costs. Whether it’s our hardware or consumables costing us more than they should, most of us could save up to 30% on printing costs with a simple evaluation of what we are and are not using, and what could be more economical.

The cost impact of changing our volume of colour prints, or replacing an under-used, high-cost printer has the potential to make a huge difference to printing costs; British Telecom saved £10.4million in just 4 years!

Printing isn’t a priority for most businesses, no matter what size. It is seen as a necessity or a convenience. Therefore, when it comes to saving money, it can be overlooked and considered a necessary cost. However, with a Managed Print Service, we can measure, control and improve our printing environment and dramatically reduce costs, freeing up funds for more important expenditure.  It’s better for our pockets, our productivity – and the environment!

It’s worth taking a look at Xerox’s Managed Print Service Assessment to see what you can save. You can do so by visiting their website at;