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Today’s the Day – Time to Vote in the EU Referendum

There’s been plenty of robust debate building up to the EU Referendum. In the last couple of months there has been much to think about and a range of points of view to take into account. Even in our own office at Integrating Solutions there are differences of opinion. It’s something that has got families and work colleagues engaged across the UK. So, how are you going to vote? Are you going to vote? For most people, we appreciate that

What’s New in Multiple Academy Trusts? The Benefits of Papercut

The growth in popularity of school academies in recent years has not been achieved without its controversies. While the Government may have had to do a U-turn on its proposal to move everyone to academy status, there’s no doubt that many are putting in the work to change. A central part of this transformation in the education system has involved the setting up of Multiple Academy Trusts (MATs) which are charged with running or coordinating a number of schools in

Drivve: Attracting Businesses Who Want Better Print Management

With greater connectivity, businesses across the world are beginning to change the way they interact with IT. While the past saw us using rigid desktops and local servers that restricted how we could operate, access to the cloud has enabled us to call up our operating platforms and access tools wherever and whenever we want. Not only has this changed the way we work, it has also made us actively seek out the right solutions for our needs. We expect

What’s New in Papercut 16.0?

Papercut is the simple to use and highly affordable platform that many businesses across the world use to manage their print software and has been an industry leader for the past decade or so. If you run a modern MFP then linking it to Papercut, either online or through purchasing outright, is the perfect office print solution. The latest update for Papercut came out in March and has some new tweaks and innovations that should make it even easier for

Integrating Supplies Limited is growing with its holding company, Integrating Solutions Limited

Integrating Solutions Limited continues to Grow and is looking to recruit sales consultants for its supplies division, Integrating Supplies Limited. Due to continued expansion ISL is opening new premises in Guildford and looking to recruit a number of experienced sales personnel from within the managed print services or office supplies industry. We are looking for experienced sales personnel to complement our business, who wish to provide personal account management and build lasting relationships with customers, who can place their business

The EU Referendum: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

As one of the major suppliers of MFPs and managed print services in the UK, Integrated Solutions Ltd has been contemplating the pros and cons just like any other business. With the different factions on the debate so at odds with each other, it’s difficult for your average company to weigh up the issues with a cool head. Will a Brexit really send us into a black hole and irreparably damage our economy? Is staying in simply the weak option

Is a Paperless NHS Possible?

It could save billions and lead to a whole new way of doing business in the NHS but is it practical?Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he wants the biggest organisation in Britain to do just that and in just 2 years by 2018. Moving patient records into the digital domain will enable vital information to follow them around wherever they go, reducing the possibility of errors and helping the NHS to operate more effectively. It’s a huge task

Integrating Solutions Limited Continues to Grow

Integrating Solutions Limited Continues to Grow and is looking to recruit Sales and Solutions Consultants.  Due to further continued expansion we are opening new premises in Guildford and looking to recruit a number of experienced sales consultants from within the Managed Print Services industry. ISL is expanding again! Integrating Solutions Limited (ISL) is in the process of opening new premises in Guildford and is starting an extensive recruitment drive. We are looking for a number of experienced sales personnel to

The Launch of The Mono A4 MFP That Comes with A3 Capability

It’s compact, hi-tech and smart; the new Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) from Ricoh is perfect for busy offices. With a capability to print on A3 as well as normal A4 it’s one of the few MFPs that provide flexibility without compromising on size or cost. The MP 305+SP and MP 305+SPF continue Ricoh’s search for the perfect office machine, a compact black and white Multi-Functional Printer that does everything you need it to do. A compact printer that measures just 350

Have Bristol University Found a Solution to Composite 3D Printing?

There are many experts who are predicting that 2016 could be the breakthrough year for 3D printing but one of the biggest problems to date has been how to produce composite items, those made up of more than one material. The good news is that researchers at Bristol University may have come up with the answer. 3D printing has been teetering on the edge of universal acceptance over the past few years as prices come down and the technology improves.

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